Flow & Flourish Business Academy

Build your Dream Business that serves you as much as your clients

We are the Flow & Flourish Business Academy

About Us

This is a beautiful, safe and supportive space for therapists, healers and wellbeing professionals to grow their businesses in a way that is aligned to your personal values, ambitions and personality.  

When you're aligned, things flow; when things flow, you flourish.

Hosted by Abi and Sarah, this community is a culmination of all of their own knowledge, learning and experience.  With over 25 years between them of building and running their own businesses, as well as business coaching and mentoring qualifications, you couldn't be in safer hands!

Our goal is to provide a powerful, compassionate, safe and supportive environment, in which to flourish.  We're all about community and relationship-building and our unique blend of daily prompts, tasks, networking and training courses means that there's always lots of opportunity for growth and development.

We are passionate about helping people wellbeing businesses grow their services to help as many people as possible.  We both still run our own flourishing businesses and love this community as a space to share all of this learning.

Why You Should Join Us

You will get expert support and advice to help you:

  • find your dream clients
  • sell effortlessly and in a totally sleazeless way
  • fill your diary with new and returning dream clients
  • see your business soar into everything you envisaged when you started out

You will receive

  • Support to combat those Mindset gremlins that cause things like imposter syndrome; monthly Q&A and ad-hoc support in the group
  • Marketing advice to help you sell your services in a way that feels natural and aligned to your own values and principles; monthly coaching and ad-hoc support in the group
  • Help with Business Development strategies and tasks (a perfect mix of old-school, traditional techniques and new-age, alternative approaches!); monthly sessions and ad-hoc support in the group
  • Regular training courses, on specific themes and topics relevant to the group
  • Monthly Reiki meets; Reiju empowerment, Reiki share and a treatment - perfect for people who are and no aren't trained in Reiki
  • Weekly social media prompts to help with creativity blockages
  • Networking sessions to build relationships, form collaborations or just chat
  • Opportunities to promote your business, special offers or signature services
  • And much, much more...

A Big Thanks

This group started out as two separate groups but came together as Abi and Sarah realised that they were very much aligned in what they were doing and that their skills complimented each other perfectly.  We'd like to say a big thank you to the members of each group for their encouragement (and patience!) in supporting the amalgamation of the groups and their continued support.  As well as to those who have joined us later on.  It warms our hearts to know that you're taking your businesses to that next level and that we're helping others to do the same.

Oh and just a quick one - you should know that signing up will automatically add you to our mailing list, so you'll get regular updates, resources to help you grow your business and news of our actives and special offers. It's easy to unsubscribe at any point, and unsubscribing from the emails won't impact on your membership here at all 🧡